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How do you trust people who do not trust themselves?

Now, this is a real joke.

Pakatan Harapan wants to form a commission to look into scandals during Tun M’s 22 years as the country’s PM.

And who is Tun M now? None other that PH’s own chairman!

So, why would anyone want to form a commission to probe his own chairman?

This doesn’t say much of the Opposition’s credibility.

“I know there are people who agree with him (Tun M) being the chairman and those who do not.

“We will discuss this matter. But let us win the General Election first,” Wan Azizah said.

She was responding to “Otai Reformasi”, who demanded PH pledge to form a peace and justice commission to probe scandals should they win federal power.

It is not only those in “Otai Reformasi” that have issues trusting Tun M.

Some in PKR itself have trust issues with the man who put Anwar Ibrahim behind bars.

In fact, Anwar’s family had major trust issues in appointing Tun M as the PH chairman because it posed a threat to making Anwar the PM.

Concern was so grave that they even went to the extent of putting it in black and white that Anwar would undoubtedly be made the Premier in the event of a victory.

Sources revealed that Tun M was asked to sign a pledge, called “The Harapan Proclamation” which ties the hands of all coalition members to support Anwar as the next PM.

Nurul Izzah went all the way to London to meet Tun M and get him to sign the pledge.

This was in return for Wan Azizah and Nurul’s support for him to be made PH chairman.

But, plans fell flat when Tun M refused to ink the document.

Former deputy premier, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was also among those who were listed as signatories of the pledge, along with Lim Kit Siang.

The reason for this pledge is as clear as daylight – Anwar’s cronies did not trust Tun M.

Apparently when Tun M returned home, more of Anwar’s cronies tried to get him to sign the pledge but failed.

In a recent interview, Tun M said he and Muhyiddin did not agree with naming Anwar as PH’s PM candidate and wanted discussions as there could be other suitable candidates.

“We need to have options. When we are in a coalition, we cannot just turn the wish of a single party as the common wish of a coalition,” he said.
Some even argued that Tun M is merely a puppet for DAP and certainly not the “top dog” in PH.

PM’s Press Secretary Tengku Sharifuddin pointed out that, regardless of the sentiment played by Dr Mahathir, it is undeniable that DAP has 38 seats compared to Bersatu’s one.

This means that Lim is actually the master and Tun M the puppet.
‎”Tun M now claims that as opposition chairman, he is their top dog and PM equivalent.
“But he is either delusional and divorced from reality or deliberately deceiving the people, because the real dictator of the opposition is Lim – who is kept invisible on their leadership chart,” he said.

One may wonder then as to why PH needs Tun M if he poses such a threat to Anwar?

Well, the answer is simple – Tun M is probably the only one who can penetrate the rural Malay voters.

So, at the end of the day with all these distrust and disharmony within PH, you wonder how great their internal squabbles for power is going to be if they ever win.

Wonder how big a slice of the cake each one would bite if ever given the chance and what would remain for the rakyat.



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