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Recently, DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang said PPBM’s youth chief, Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman was a role model for young Malaysians because he allegedly rejected a RM5 million bribe.

He also claimed Syed had what it takes to become the nation’s youngest Cabinet minister following the next general election.

His final praise for Syed was that youths like him could no longer be found in the ruling party – BN – but only in Pakatan Harapan.

However, it would be best for Kit Siang to hold his praises till the police and MACC complete their investigations into several allegations made by Syed of late.
Syed has basically made three claims:

  • That he was offered RM5 million to quit the party and further his studies at Oxford University
  • He had been offered a scholarship to pursue a Masters in Public Policy at Oxford University in Britain, and
  • That the mastermind behind the plot to get him is a person named “H” who is allegedly our PM’s right hand man.

Recently, the drama took another spin when certain photographs which were allegedly damaging to his family were sent to him by the same people who offered him the RM5 million.

Many wonder what these photographs are all about and why they are so incriminating to the family.
Also recently, Syed said the postgraduate scholarship from Oxford was in addition to the university’s tuition fees and that in total, he received £70,000.

Another poser here is who is footing the bill for the additional items?

According to some senior politicians from both sides of the divide, Syed’s press conference to announce he was choosing politics over Oxford was nothing more than a hyped-up stage show.

“He is a young, confused man who has suddenly found himself in the spotlight … he does not know how to handle it,” said a senior politician.

An insider from Bersatu in fact revealed just how childish and inexperienced Syed is when he apparently broke down and wanted to quit the party when his suggestion to place the youth and women’s movement under a single wing did not succeed.

“He wanted to resign just because of that. Those around him had to console him and coax him out of quitting. He has a lot to learn”.

Apart from making the claims mentioned above, Syed in the numerous news reports following his controversial press conference, hurled all kinds of allegations against some of his former Bersatu members.

One of those concerned, former vice-president, Hamidah Osman has since lodged a report with the MACC.
At the moment, Syed has more on his plate that he can handle and hopefully, he has the evidence to back up all these allegations made.

Some senior leaders simply laughed him off, saying he is young and ambitious, and certainly not worth the alleged RM5 million offered for him to quit politics.

“Do you think he was making such an impact that someone who he claims to be so powerful would actually offer him such a huge amount?,” asked a senior BN leader.

Best to throw in the towel now and come clean before your political immaturity gets the better of you … and yes, Kit Siang, people like Syed can only be found in Pakatan.




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