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From Tissot watches to returning awards.

With the general election looming, things are getting desperate for the Opposition as they grapple with numerous uncertainties and unresolved issues.


This will be the first time they go to battle without the strong backing from Pas and also the possibility that they may even go up against their former ally for certain seats.


According to sources within the opposition, they are far from finalising their candidate’s list as there is plenty of discontentment among their members over the choice of seats and candidates.


Also, apparently there is now plenty of factionalism building up as members rally their support between Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad respectively.


Apart from that, there is also the legendary puppet master, Lim Kit Siang whose doing his best to seek some final glory in the coming general election.


A good example of how low the opposition would go to gain some ground is the recent fiasco surrounding the Tissot watches which were allegedly given to all the delegates who attended the recent Umno AGM.


Social media was abuzz with allegations that Najib had apparently spent tax payers money to purchase these watches and present them to all the delegates.


To date, Umno delegates and even party secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan has denied these allegations.


Even journalists who covered the AGM confirmed that there was no such thing and that this was merely a rumour.


To further add salt to their spin, the opposition went a step further a few days ago to claim that Najib was a cheat and that the Tissots allegedly given were fake!


This is a clear example of the kind of lies and slander which we can expect from the opposition from now till the general election.


Also, we must realise that one of Dr Mahathir’s strongest points is his ability to play on the sentiments of the rakyat.


Just look at the recent drama where he returned all his awards to the Selangor palace following the Sultan’s statements about him.


This is so typical of him, like a child throwing a tantrum and returning a box of candy after his parents said no to him.

Both the opposition and Umno are banking heavily on rural voters this election to give them the winning votes and Dr Mahathir is an expert in playing fiddle with their sentiments.


He knows how these folks think and is playing on their pity to win their hearts.


The opposition never imagined that Pas would turn their backs on them and were earlier confident that Pas would reign in the rural votes for them.


This is truly shaping up to the “father of all elections” compared to the 2013 “mother of all elections”.


Voters need to be wise and lay the cards before them, Jokers aside.


Decide based on proven track records and not promises – promises can be broken, but a solid foundation cannot easily be shaken.



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