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From Rafizi to Rafizi with love?

PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli has once again come under the spotlight following his recent drama with Latheefa Koya where numerous accusations were hurled at him.


Hardly had the dust settled when again he has been called upon to clear the air.


This time pertaining to accusations that he had profited from a recent donation drive where he raised more than RM1.5 million to pay the RM300,000 damages and costs in the National Feedlot Corporation defamation suit against him.


He then delayed his payment after losing the defamation case, ignoring notices sent by lawyers.
Finally, when bankruptcy proceedings, only then did he pay up. What was he trying to prove here? Trying to get more sympathy from the public?


Fresh from this, other allegations have been hurled that there were numerous transactions detected between his political consultancy firm, Invoke Solutions Sdn Bhd, and a company of which he is a major shareholder.


According to revelations made by Datuk Rizal Mansor, the special aide to the prime minister’s wife, Invoke Solutions Sdn Bhd had paid between RM147,074.30 to RM350,608.64 from March till September this year to KEIP Resources Sdn Bhd.


Almost RM1.3 million in total had been paid to KEIP within those seven months.


The point here is that on September 24, Rafizi had said that Invoke staff had signed an employment contract with a company named KEIP Resources Sdn Bhd and in turn, KEIP had signed a contract to supply human resources to Invoke when the need arises.


Earlier, when Ampang PKR Youth leader Adam Rosly Abdullah demanded that Rafizi come clean on the public funds collected, Rafizi said that he did not receive any salary from Invoke and not a single sen of his personal spending came from the organisation.


The funny thing here is that KEIP is registered in Temerloh, but its contribution receipts to the Employees Provident Fund and Socso revealed that KEIP in fact, operates near Invoke’s office in Cheras.


Rizal also said checks showed that KEIP was not at all involved in the business of supplying manpower as alleged by Rafizi.


To further add fuel to the fire, searches with the Companies Commission of Malaysia found that the major shareholder in both KEIP and Invoke was in fact Rafizi himself with 10,050 and 250,000 shares respectively.


So basically, Rafizi is supplying manpower to Rafizi and paying hundreds of thousands to himself for it.
Based on records, it was also reported that Invoke did not make any payment to KEIP in the month of July.


However, two payments of RM160,349.95 and RM156,132.10 were made on August 28, 2017 – this was after Rafizi successfully raised more than RM1.5 million from the public in early August.


Another payment of RM350,608.64 was made from Invoke to KEIP in September.


Sometime last month, Rafizi had assured donors that the balance of the donated money would be used to fund Invoke’s ongoing political campaign for the opposition parties.


So, is making payments to himself part of Invoke’s ongoing political campaign for the opposition parties?


Rafizi has a lot to answer and it’s time for him to practice what he preaches about transparency and accountability.




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