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Do Not Label Others As “Dungu” – Clear The Air First, LGE

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng recently labeled United States president, Donald Trump as a “dungu” which is actually a derogatory Malay term for “idiot”.

Basically, Guan Eng has called the US president an idiot, adding that he did not wish to see Trump because he did not want to risk becoming an idiot like him.

Firstly, Guan Eng, whatever gave you the impression that Trump wanted to see you? Does he even know who you are?

Do you think you are the prime minister to proclaim that you do not wish to meet the US president?

Please Guan Eng, take a good look at your own backyard. There is rubbish strewn all over which is yet to be cleaned up.

You are currently the center of attention for all the wrong reasons. Trump has only recently taken over as the president, but you have held the CM’s post for the past nine years and have still not resolved numerous issues in the state.

You said “by meeting a person like this we ourselves risk becoming stupid,” so are you also trying to imply that all the world leaders who have met Trump are all stupid?

What kind of message are you trying to send just when Najib is due meet Trump at the White House on Sept 12?

When Najib travels to meet world leaders, there is always a reason for it – to enhance bilateral relations, increase trade, open new investment opportunities and so forth.

Who are you in your capacity to label anyone when there are still so many unresolved issues in your state, especially the latest fiasco involving the illegal Sungai Lembu factory.

Whatever you are trying to cover up there is so grave and involves the lives of so many villagers.

People like you and your father, Lim Kit Siang, who for years has been manipulating the DAP for his own interests should come clean before you go about interfering in other matters.

Over and over again, like a broken record you keep harping on the 1MDB issue when Najib has repeatedly answered all queries in relation to it.

The Public Accounts Committee had clearly stated that Najib should not be held accountable over the dealings by 1MDB.

DAP’s Kepong MP Dr Tan Seng Giaw himself had said that Najib was not involved in the company’s dealings as he was just a chairman of the advisory board.

Also, since when did Kit Siang suddenly become so worried about bringing national shame upon the country when he and your other counterparts have gone around defaming the country all this while?

Kit Siang in an open letter to Cabinet Ministers had claimed that it was a great national shame for Najib to meet Trump when he has not “cleared or cleansed” himself after being branded by the American Government as a kleptocrat.

Just like you, your father does not seem to realise his position and is trying to veto Najib from visiting the White House.
Also, it must be pointed out that Najib never went begging to meet Trump and that it was Trump who invited Najib for talks at the White House.

During the meeting, the two leaders are expected to discuss areas of mutually beneficial cooperation, including national security, the global fight against terrorism and extremism, and trade and investment benefitting Malaysia.

Kit Siang should instead focus on helping his son to steer Penang towards a better direction instead of its multi-billion land, roads and tunnel controversies.

In his campaign in Johor, he now proclaimed DAP would turn around Johor’s economy if they managed to wrest the state from BN.

At times, it looks like the father and son team are out of touch with reality.

Johor’s GDP, household income and average salaries are higher than Penang, yet DAP fails to realise it.

It is not surprising as they will say anything just to garner a couple of extra votes.

This is the DAP that we have now.

So please, do settle your issues first before poking your nose into matters that are way beyond your league.



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